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Fallen Holoknights
Dr. Chuck Vest (1941-2013)

Our dear friend and Holoknight, Charles of Washington, (Dr. Chuck Vest) passed away on December 12, 2013. The world and science community has suffered a great loss and will miss him dearly. The high standard, purpose, and mission of the International Order of Holoknights could not have been represented any better than by Chuck’s friendly, strong, and effective history and presence as an outstanding member of our order. We are all extremely proud to have him as a fellow Holoknight, and we will never forget him. The life and career of Chuck Vest is proof that a really nice person can achieve huge goals.


An excellent summary of his amazing career was presented in the MIT Newsletter,


A memorial service will be held at 1:00 pm on January 25th, 2014 at the First Presbyterian Church, located at 1432 Washtenaw Avenue, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  A reception will follow in the Pendleton Room of the Michigan Union along with a short program of remembrance from University of Michigan colleagues. On February 20, 2014 the Charles M. Vest Life Celebration at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. will be held, and, on March 6, a memorial will be held at MIT.

I have known Chuck for nearly 50 years. After having recieved our advanced degrees in the same years, 1963, 64, 67, I used his Ph.D. thesis work in my first researches in holography a year later.  Among the many contributions he made to the field of holography, his book, Holographic Interferometry, was a godsend for many holographers and teachers of holography, who were still struggling to find simple understandable ways of presenting this relatively new field.  Even after his career diverted him from holography into high positions such as Provost of the University of Michigan, President of M.I.T. and finally President of the National Academy of Engineering, he never lost his interest in holography, showing up at our meetings, and welcoming us for casual visits.

Chuck was knighted, Charles of Washington, in Springfield Massachusetts, in October 2008 and presented with the sword of Charlemagne (Charles the Great).


Pierre of Ghent 

A Great Master of Holography Pierre of Gent passed away on October 27, 2010. Pierre will be remembered through his innovations in holographic interferometry, pulse laser holography, holographic 3D displays, and portraits, and simply as a very dear friend. Pierre was a professor and department head of the University of Ghent where for many years he operated a world-class holography laboratory and studio. He was a pioneer in the development and application of pulse holography techniques to a wide range of nondestructive test applications. He also supported the holographic art community by availing his advice and laboratory to artists. His unique bleaching formulas were widely used in the art community. Pierre, himself, created and exhibited many excellent fine art works. He developed an art studio and made hundreds of holographic portraits including a portrait of King Leopold of Belgium. Pierre's portraits are some of the finest in existence and have become extremely valuable collector items.

Pierre was awarded the medal of the order of Leopold II, a rarely given, by “royal decree” award for outstanding service to his country.

Pierre and his lovely wife, Brigitte, were legendary as hosts to many who visited Ghent. Pierre left no stone unturned to insure that guests see and experience the country that he loved, commonly giving personal tours of Ghent and Brugges and visits to his lovely country home.

Pierre was knighted Pierre of Ghent in September, 2001 by reigning holoknight, Wolfgang of Berlin. The knighting service took place in Bremen Germany at a “Fringe” conference.

He is survived by his wife, Brigitte, two sons, two daughters, and seven grandchildren.

Dr. Hans Rottenkolber

Founder of the International Order of Holoknights

Joins God's Holography Team

Hans Rottenkolber began his new assignment with God on 7 March, 2008. He was a great human being and scientist, having made important contributions to the field of holography. His company pioneered commercial holographic interferometry and was first to offer a practical system that employed thermoplastic recording material. We all loved, respected, and honored this man, whose very presence would bring warmth to a gathering.

He founded the order of Holoknights over 20 years ago to honor those who were not only important contributors to the field of holography but who also were great promoters of international friendship and cooperation. He will be missed greatly by the community.


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